Embezzlement lawyers in Arlington Virginia

Misappropriation in the embezzlement involves the misappropriation of funds or property of others for personal gain. These crimes often occur in business settings where workers have access to large amounts of money. If you have been accused of embezzlement or property, speak with a white glove crimes attorney immediately. If you are being investigated, having the intervention of a lawyer from the beginning is crucial. In these initial phases of the investigation, it may be possible to resolve the matter before charges are brought. It makes essential to contact Embezzlement lawyers in Arlington Virginia to get out of this situation.

Sanctions for embezzlement or misappropriation vary depending on the value of the property or stolen property. If the value of stolen money or property is less than $ 300, misdemeanor charges will apply. These can range from fines to one year in prison. For offenses related to the theft of property or money for more than 300 dollars, misdemeanor felony charges apply. The punishment may include more than one year in prison and severe fines. Also, a conviction for embezzlement or other white-collar crimes may involve the opening of a criminal record and the loss of professional licenses. Employers often do not want to hire individuals with convictions for fraud, as it denotes dishonesty. Your reputation and your career may be at stake. In a condition when an individual is charged with a white collar crime, or suspect being investigated, it is crucial to contact a trained Embezzlement lawyer in Arlington Virginia. It is likely that the police are devoting many resources to prepare a case against the individual. Therefore, it is important to have the same tenacity on the individual’s side also.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, the Embezzlement lawyers in Arlington Virginia are dedicated to fighting to protect their clients. No matter the type of investigation or the severity of the allegations against you, our legal team is dedicated to providing you with an aggressive defense designed to minimize your exposure to serious criminal sanctions. In this sense, the lawyers are defending clients against a variety of crimes, depending on the circumstances, white-collar crimes may belong to different categories of crimes and criminal consequences. The attorneys are well prepared to defend clients in a variety of cases, including cases focused on fraud; embezzlement; falsification; theft by employees; tax evasion and identity theft. Fraud is a major category of white-collar crimes. From postal fraud to medical fraud, or fraud with credit cards to bank fraud, our clients can face a variety of charges.

Preparing a defense against white-collar crimes can be complex. It is important to remember that criminal prosecutors and investigators are well trained. They have probably been preparing a case against you for a long time. The goal of Embezzlement lawyers in Arlington Virginia goal is to prepare a strong defense that is designed to the facts of your case. Embezzlement lawyers in Arlington Virginia do not accept the mentality of generalizing defenses for all cases. With an efficient preparation and strategic anticipation, they will provide you with an effective defense at any time. Coordinate your consultation with the lawyers in our office by calling us or sending an email today. The sooner we get involved in your case, the sooner we can start protecting you.