Drug Laws in Shenandoah Virginia

Drug laws in Shenandoah Virginia are extremely harsh. In case you are found in possession of drugs you can expect serious consequences and you will be prosecuted by law. Criminal drug charges in Virginia are either felony or misdemeanor depending on different factors which include type and quantity of controlled substance. The evidences and situations surrounding controlled substance crimes are extremely subjective.

The drug crimes in Shenandoah Virginia are heavily penalized as the use of pharmaceuticals and controlled substance has a ripple effect on society. The drug abuse and its addiction often result in crimes and they are addressed in criminal code of Virginia. There are a number of charges which are associated with drugs which includes:

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Manufacturing drug
  • Intention to distribute
  • Drug trafficking
  • DUI of drugs
  • Refusal to submit to chemical testing
  • Prescribing illegally
  • Possession of weapon while under drug influence

Penalties for Drug Convictions

According to Virginia drug laws, drug possession of both Schedule I and II are considered as Class 5 felony crime which carry a prison sentence of 10 years and a fine of $2,500. Possession of schedule III drug is considered as Class 1 misdemeanor which carries a punishment of 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500. The drugs in schedule IV are the last which carries a potential jail time and also result in six months of jail time and $1,000 fine. Drug distribution carry much severe penalties than drug possession and is based on the amount which accused intended to sell and the type of controlled substance involved in the crime. The intention to distribute the drugs in schedule I and II carries a prison sentence of five years and a fine of $500,000.

First Time Offense of Drug Possession and Controlled Substances

According to drug laws in Shenandoah, Virginia if a person is found to be guilty of possessing any controlled substance without any previous conviction for drug-related offenses and having been subject to trial, then if the individual and court consent, the individual can be put on probation and proceedings against the individual will be deferred. If the individual complete probation under the terms and conditions set by court which includes:

  • Assessment of substance abuse
  • Treatment regarding controlled substance and abuse
  • Remaining drug and alcohol free
  • The person must attempt to be employed
  • Atleast 100 hours of community services.

Distributing Controlled Substance to Minors

According to drug laws in Shenandoah Virginia, it is illegal to sell, distribute drugs near certain properties. The consequences for violating this drug law is considered as a felony conviction which carries 5 years of jail time and a fine of $100,000. If anyone who can prove that he only distributed the drugs for accommodate another one with no intention to profit, then the individual will be guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor. On second conviction the individual will receive one year of time in jail (18.2-255.2).