Domestic Violence Lawyer Virginia

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, domestic violence cases seriously affect the general public, as well as women’s rights groups, interest groups, lawmakers and law enforcement officers. If you or someone else you know is accused of domestic violence, it is important to consult an experienced Virginia domestic violence lawyer to ensure that your case is treated properly and in your best interests. Defense of a domestic violence charge, Punish Prosecution investigations child abuse Marriage, Violence proofs, Differences between domestic violence and assault Contribution to crime of a minor Virginia domestic violence statistics

According to a recent study by the Virginia Attorney General in 2012, approximately 62,000 calls are made annually to domestic and sexual violence hotlines across the state. At least 166 men, women and children were killed in domestic violence and thousands injured. Other facts included in the study: A 19.4 percent increase in homicide cases between domestic partners8.6 percent more crimes against domestic violence35 percent more domestic violent crimes against people aged 65 and over

In Virginia, it is a crime to hurt, hurt or threaten a member of your family or household. It is also a crime to inflict bodily harm on a family or household member. Although the definition of “family or household member” is broad, it can be found in Virginia Code, Section 16.1-228.Stalking and sexual assault are separate crimes that, depending on the specific circumstances, can also fall under the roof of domestic violence.

┬áIf, under Virginia law, a police officer suspects that a person has committed an attack and battery on a family or household member, or has violated a protection order by being within a protection order at a prohibited distance from the victim, the will Officials can make an arrest without a warrant and detain the person. This is an important exception to the normal Virginia law, which requires officials to first obtain a warrant or witness the crime. An arrest can be based on the victim’s statements with minimal investigation to confirm the statements in certain cases. Speak to a Virginia domestic violence lawyer to learn more about the laws in Virginia.

Violations of the protection regulation many domestic attacks result from intense emotional conflicts within a family. Victims of people charged or convicted of domestic violence receive a protection order. In many cases, a civil protection order is issued on the first complaint about domestic violence. This emergency protection order, or “EPA,” is issued to allow a cool-down period. If the party requesting the order wishes to extend the EPO, a provisional protection order or “PPO” may be issued if evidence is provided in accordance with the Virginia Code requirements. In some cases, this preliminary protection order may be extended for up to two (2) years regardless of the outcome of a criminal charge. Protection orders also exist in the context after the conviction. After serving a prison sentence for bodily harm or battery charging, a person may be served with a protection order prohibiting them from contacting the victim. The perpetrator must immediately find another place to live if violence has been committed against an actual family member. The specific provisions of the protection order are described in the document itself and can include a variety of case-specific instructions.