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Our firm focuses on three main practice areas:

  • Criminal Defense – Federal/State
  • Traffic Defense – Federal/State
  • Family Law

In Maryland there are very strict law that govern the state and courts attach great importance to loud charges, multi-faceted DUIs and DWI in Maryland and other countries. This means that in addition to the criminal charges of arrest on loud there will be hearings by the Automobile Department (MFA). Under the DUI Act, MVA may suspend your driving privileges even if your claim is rejected.

Losing a license can result in a multiplier effect and can affect many areas of your life after prolonged actual detention, and you also want a lawyer working with you to explore all possible defenses against DUI, refusing breathalyzer, alcohol content and field sobriety test (FST) defense.

Laws related to real estate:

Planning of the real estate is the legal process that anticipates and arranges the disposal of heritage in one’s life. Comprehensive inheritance schemes may involve heirs, insurance agents and lawyers. Only experienced real estate planning attorney should formulate your real estate plan. They have legal responsibility and are well versed in the field and law on real estate planning.

Family laws:

Divorce or dissolution of marriage is painful to all concerned parties. It brings very emotional and financially driven. All family law issues such as divorce, child custody, child support and child support / couples support issues can quickly become very messy and can overlook the overall picture. This is particularly the case if there are children and / or large financial assets.


If you face increasing economic pressure, there are many benefits to filing for bankruptcy. You can stop the foreclosure process if you plan to close your home on bankruptcy. If you pay for the car behind you and face a bankruptcy application, the deposit may allow you to keep your car.
If your home, office and mobile phone ring, creditors on the other side want their money to bankrupt can also help. If huge debts like medical bills, credit cards, student loan loans accumulate and you cannot go out, filing bankruptcy can provide you with the financial relief you need. There are many other benefits to filing bankruptcy in Maryland.

Along with these, there are also somelaws that govern the normal and regular procedures including the constructions and agriculture.

How can attorneys help in these cases of violation of law?

Competent law groups all over the state of Virginia take innovative ways to solve problems, build strong criminal prosecutions, and explore other ways that can defend, reduce costs, and even explore alternative or lenient options to help you avoid criminal penalties.
The team of lawyers employs the approach-driven solution to other areas, applying it to family law, divorce and other adoption practices. They have been helping families in Fredrick Maryland, from representing your interests in court to negotiate off-court settlements. The integrated approach that the lawyers take is first and foremost focused on the uniqueness of each case and each client and ultimately the search for solutions that are meaningful to you now and into the future.

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